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2nd January 2014

Happy New Year to all of our Template Safety Statement Website readers and users. We’re ploughing ahead with the annual Template review and have it almost completed! The big change in 2013 was the signing into law of the new Construction Regulations. All of our trades based Templates such as Electrician, Builder, Carpenter, etc. now take account of these regulations.

Among the new Safety Statement Templates going up on the site now is one for Drain Cleaning and associated activities. Some of the topics covered in this new Template are Confined Spaces, Jetting, Manual Handling, Hazardous Substances as well as all of the standard assessments for Fire, First Aid, etc. The Preview of the Drain Cleaning Template can be viewed HERE or on the homepage.

As always if you need to contact us or if the Safety Statement Template you need is not on the list, just drop us a line.

14th November 2013 – Calling all Contract Cleaners!

The latest revision to our Contract Cleaner Safety Statement Template went online today. This is in response to new guidance issued this week from the Health and Safety Authority specifically for Contract Cleaners. The guidance can be accessed here if needed. Among the new or revised topics in our Contract Cleaner Template are Bio Hazards such as Blood Borne Pathogens, Needle Sticks, Asbestos, Contact Dermatitis. The Preview version of our Contract Cleaner Template can be viewed here or on the homepage. As always if you have questions regarding our Safety Statement Templates or would like us to compile a new Template just contact us via the tabs on the left.

16th October 2013

Arrgh…its the budget. Most readers may not expect us here at to be commenting on budget measures however the Home Renovation Incentive quickly caught our eye. Many people may not be aware that in August the Minister signed the new 2013 Construction Regulations into law. These regulations largely apply to works carried out on Domestic Dwellings. In many cases it will be necessary for Tradesmen to ensure they have correct Safety Documentation and may even require the appointment of a Project Supervisor for the works.

With regard to the Home Renovation Incentive it is quite likely that Trades working on the renovation will be required to produce Safety Statements, Method Statements, etc. in order for the works to qualify. Well we’ve just started updating all of our Trades based Safety Statement Templates to reflect this. Watch this Blog as we’ll update it every time we release the revised Templates.

5th July 2013

Calling all Roadsweepers! Our latest Safety Statement Template just went on-line. As the opening line suggests its a Template for a Roadsweeper. It covers both Municipal Roadsweeping using truck based cleaners as well as Light Commercial Walk Behind or Pedestrian Machines. As well as all of the usual Safety Statement Contents like Fire and Bullying, etc. there are job specific sections on Municipal Cleaning, Light Commercial Cleaning, Noise, Vibration, Bio Aerosols and Waste Hazards, Trailers, Roadsweeping specific Method Statement and several others. As with all of our Templates a Preview version can be seen HERE or on the home page.

This new Safety Statement Template came about because of a specific request from a Client. So remember, if you don’t see what you want on the home page, just ask!

6th June 2013

Well it’s that time of year again. The tenders are out for the Bus Eireann school runs! Just a reminder to all of our Template Safety Statement Blog readers that our Coach and Bus Hire Template includes a Template Method Statement that can be used when Preparing the School Run. A preview copy of the Method Statement for the School runs can be viewed here. This Template is in the Appendix of the Safety Statement. Ideally you should either fill out the Method Statement on screen or print it out and fill it in by hand. Then put the completed Method Statement on a clipboard within safe and easy reach of the bus driver. You should do this for each school that you work for. The relevant drivers should be told about the Method Statement and made aware of any specific hazard control measures within it.

As I said above the Template Method Statement for School Bus runs is part of the Template Safety Statement for Coach and bus Hire. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions. Good luck with the Tenders 🙂

10th May 2013

Hi All, two new updates this week to our Safety Statement Templates. The first one is an all new Template for the supply and fitting of Blinds and Curtains. This Template includes such things as Ladders, Cash Handling, Shop Hazards, Manual Handling, Vans, etc. As always a Preview is available and can be viewed HERE or on the homepage.

The second Safety Statement Template is actually an update of one of our most popular templates. Given that many people are trying to maximise their income at present, it seems that converting cars from Petrol to LPG is on the rise. We have had several requests from clients to add the installation of LPG Tanks and the dispensing of same, into our Mechanic and Garage Template. We have now done this and the new Preview can be viewed HERE or on the Website.

As always, don’t hesitate to drop us an email with any new requests.

28th March 2013

Over the last couple of weeks we got several requests from clients for a new Safety Statement Template for a Meter Reader. This was in response to a request from the ESB for all Meter Readers to have Safety Statements. We have now developed and put up on the site a Template for a Meter Reader for Utilities. You can see a Preview of the new Template HERE or on the home page.

This new Safety Statement Template is quite different from many of our other ones as it has been set up specifically for a Self Employed person. We have also set it up so that it can be used for reading meters for several Utilities i.e. Gas and Water as well as Electricity. As always, if the Template you need is not on the site just drop us an enquiry.

10th February 2013

Well it was a tough month in January getting through all of the annual updates on the Safety Statement Templates but we got there. Now that we’re into February we’ve started adding and developing some new Templates. Just gone up today is the template for Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning. You can see a Preview version HERE or on the home page. Among the Hazards covered in the Safety Statement Template are Water Fed Poles and Working at Height.

11th January 2013

Ok, we have progress! We’re half way though the annual update of our Safety Statement Templates and it almost feels like the home stretch. In addition to the updates we are also taking this opportunity to upload some of our new Templates.

Among the new ones are; Bitumen and Tarmac, Blinds and Curtain installation, Childcare and Play-centre, Window and Gutter Cleaning, Sub-Ducting and Cabling, as well as Car or Vehicle hire. As with all of our other Safety Statement Templates these new ones will have full Previews available.

If you need a Safety Statement and you feel a Template could work for you, then make sure to check out our list of Templates. Don’t worry if what you need is not there, just send us a request and we can look at drawing up a new one for you.

3rd January 2013

Well, the dreaded day is upon us. It begins every January and breaks our hearts for 2-3 weeks. However at the end of it we always feel that it was worthwhile. What is it? The Annual Update of all of our Safety Statement Templates.

During the year we update and add new material to each of our Safety Statement Templates as we become aware of it but every January we carry out a formal review and update of every one of our 100+ templates. It’s a truly daunting task that is absolutely essential in order to ensure that all of our Safety Statement templates remain current.

Well…back to it…I’m up as far as Air Conditioning now. Only have to get to Window Cleaning….!

Updates next week.

30th October 2012 – Duct Cleaning

Well, as with previous Safety Statement Templates, when we issue a new one its usually in response to a request from a Client. In this case we had a request for a Duct Cleaning Safety Statement Template.

The Duct Cleaning Safety Statement Template is now available for download on the home page. A Preview of the new Template can be viewed here. As with all of our other Templates, it has the common items such as First Aid, Fire, Accident reporting, Manager and Employee Responsibilities, etc. The specific risk assessments that have been added to the Template for Duct Cleaning are: Hazardous Substances, Duct Cleaning, Ladders, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, Legionairres, General Health hazards, etc.

As we’ve said in the past if the Safety Statement Template you need is not on the list, just drop us a line or send us a request here.

10th October 2012 – Plastering

Well Halloween is fast approaching and while our Plastering Safety Statement Template won’t be much help for the costumes, we have updated it to include a Risk Assessment for Machine Applied Plastering. This risk assessment includes such things as Guarding on Spindles, Selecting Render Guns, Snaking Air Lines, etc.

This update was in response to a specific request from a client, so remember if you can’t see the particular Safety Statement Template you need, or if you would like an existing Safety Statement Template tweaked in some way, just drop us a line.

29th September 2012 – Contract Cleaning

Hi All, just one Safety Statement Template update for you today. We have now updated several of the risk assessments in our Contract Cleaner Safety Statement Template. They are for Hot Water, Cleaning around Burco Boilers and Removing Waste.

On a related note we are also developing a new Forensic Contract Cleaning Safety Statement Template that will have all of the standard risk assessments along with some specialist risk assessments for Bio Hazards that can be associated with cleaning up after Fires, Accidents, etc.

2nd July 2012 – Buses and Coaches

Last year when Bus Eireann updated their contract requirements for School Bus runs, they asked for everyone to be in possession of a Safety Statement. Because of that requirement we updated our Coach and Bus Safety Statement Template to include a specific Risk Assessment for School Runs.

This year they have added a requirement for all Bus Operators to have a Method Statement in addition to the Safety Statement. In order to cover this requirement we have now added a Template Method Statement to our Safety Statement. A preview of the Method Statement can be viewed here. The Template Method Statement has been added to the Appendix of the Coach and Bus Hire Safety Statement.

Please note that in order to complete the Method Statement you will need to know the specific requirements of the school i.e. Parking restrictions, Disabled facilities, Ramps, Reversing restrictions, Speed limits, etc.

14th June 2012 – Tattoo Studios

Well, never think that your business is so small or unusual that we wouldn’t be able to put together a new Safety Statement Template for you. Just going up on the site today is a Template for a Tattoo Studio. As well as all of the usual topics such as fire and accidents, this Template includes risk assessments for Blood Borne Pathogens and Needlestick Injuries, Small Tools, Sharps and even issues relating to Piercing and Scarifing. As usual the Preview version of the Template can be viewed here or on the home page link.

Also going up to day is a Safety Statement Template for anybody working as an Environmental Engineer. In this Template are topics and assessments for such things as Conducting Flare Inspections, Monitoring Landfill Gases, General Compliance Inspections and General Environmental Monitoring. The Template Preview can be seen here or from the link on the homepage.

5th April 2012 – Monumental Works

Well we’ve been quiet for a while now on the Safety Statement Template Blog as we’ve been carrying out the annual update of all the Templates. Starting today we are uploading the new Templates as well as the revised existing Safety Statement Templates.

Among the new ones is a Headstone and Monumental Safety Statement Template that includes a method statement specific for working in Graveyards. We’ve also made a significant addition to the Builder Template with the inclusion of a template induction training pack that can be tailored for any new site. As always the Previews of the Templates are on the home page and you can email us anytime with requests for new additions.

9th January 2012 – Nightclubs

Well we’re back in full flow here with our Safety Statement Templates. The first new Safety Statement Template of 2012 is one for a Nightclub. As with many of our other Templates, this arose out of a special request so remember if the one you want is not there just ask.

As well as all of the standard items that are found in our Safety Statement Templates the new one for a Night club has topics such as Door Staff and Security, Bar and Cellar work, Small Food preparation, Noise in Entertainment, Special Effects and Indoor Pyrotechnics.

Its quite a comprehensive Template and should suit the majority of Nightclubs out there. The preview is available to view here as well as on the home page.

3rd January 2012

Happy New Year to all of our Customers. The good news for this year is that however small it may be, we have absorbed the VAT increase on all of our Safety Statement Templates!

In order to keep the price of a Safety Statement Template the same as in 2011 the price is now €113.13 plus VAT at 23%. Therefore the total cost of one of our Safety Statement Templates is still a very affordable €139.15.

As always we welcome your requests for any new Safety Statement Templates that are not already on our list.

11th Novemeber 2011

We’ve been very busy here in the office for the last couple of weeks and missed putting up our Blog! Well we’re back and this week we need to let you know about School Safety Statement Templates. At the moment the HSA Inspectors appear to be concentrating a lot of resources on the education sector. We are aware of several inspections that have taken place in our own area in the last few weeks.

Having a Safety Statement within the School was a key requirement of the inspections. Some of you may have noticed that we don’t have a School Safety Statement Template up on the site. Well this is not an accident or an oversight. The HSA provide a lot of free information and tools for both the education and farming sectors so we don’t want to duplicate that.

However we have helped many schools out not by providing a School Safety Statement Template, but by providing Customised Safety Statements. If you are a school Principal or a Post Holder and you are in need of a Safety Statement just drop us an email and we will get back to you.

11th October 2011

Just one new Safety Statement Template going up this week. As we’ve had several requests for an Amusement Arcade Template that’s the one we compiled. This new Template has all of the common hazards and policies such as Fire, Bullying, First Aid, Welfare, Responsibilities as well as specific hazards such as Noise and Sound Systems, Cash Handling and Robbery, Amusement Machines, Floor Monitoring and others. A Preview of the Amusement Arcade Template can be viewed from a link on the homepage or here.

22nd September 2011

Instead of telling you about our Safety Statement Templates this week, we want to promote some excellent free seminars from the HSA. Driving for work is a very important part of many peoples jobs and as such we include it in most of our Templates. Starting from Wednesday the 12th of October the HSA are running free Driving for Work Seminars around the country. Just go to to sign up.

7th September 2011

Well, we’re getting a bit more serious about our blogging so we’ve set up this Safety Statement Template Blog on Blogspot as well. From today you will be able to find us on as well as here on our own page.

5th September 2011

Just the one new Safety Statement Template going up today. Following some recent requests we developed a Safety Statement Template for a Bakery. As well as all of the usual polices such as Welfare, Bullying and Young Persons, this new Template has sections on Knives, Mixers, Ovens, Cookie Formers, Muffin Depositors, Bakery Specific Manual Handling, Slicing Machine, Cream Cookers and much more. The Preview of the Bakery Safety Template can be viewed here.

As we always say if the Safety Statement Template you need is not there just send us a request.

16th August 2011

Well, we’ve been away from our Safety Statement Templates for a little while but all holidays are now finished and we’re back on track. We have some new improvements to existing Templates that will be going up during the week ahead. As we update them we will let you know. An example is that our Haulage General Template will have a new section on Moffett Mounties that includes checklists specific to the Moffett.

We have also changed our Renewable Energy Installation Safety Statement Template to a Renewable Energy and General Services Template. This is in response to several enquiries from clients who would hold various trade certs and also work in the area of renewables.

24th June 2011

Well we passed a milestone with our Safety Statement Templates today. We uploaded number 110! The latest addition is a Template for Falconry. This new template includes assessments on Falconry itself, Contract Falconry for control of vermin on land fill etc. and Feral Bird Shooting. A preview of the Template for Falconry can be viewed here or on our homepage.

17th June 2011

Just a short note today. Based on requests from clients, we have now updated our Taxi Company or Taxi Driver Safety Statement Template with two new risk assessments. They are; using Minibuses for school runs and transporting patients between home and hospital or clinics. The preview of the Taxi Driver or Taxi Company Template can be viewed here or on our homepage. As we’ve said before if you have any requests or questions regarding our Templates just contact us.

14th June 2011

Our latest Safety Statement Template just went live today! Its a Safety Statement Template for a Tree Surgeon. We developed this one specifically in response to a query on the website. As well as all of the typical issues such as Bullying, Accidents, Fire, Safety Reps, etc. we’ve included risk assessments on Tree Felling, Climbing Trees, In Tree Rescue, Chainsaws, Chippers and many others. The preview of the Tree Surgeon Template is available on the home page or here.

1st June 2011

Following on from some requests from our Clients, we have now upgraded the Coach and Bus Hire Safety Statement Template to include a risk assessment on School Bus Runs. It seems this is a requirement from CIE for all those contractors wishing to tender for school bus runs.

Remember, we are always ready to listen to our clients with regard to our Safety Statement Templates. If the Safety Statement Template you require is not on the list, or if you want to be sure of or even get a risk assessment added to the Safety Statement Template, then just drop us a line.

16th May 2011

Some new and interesting Safety Statement Templates have gone into development this week. We will shortly have one for Falconry! This new Safety Statement Template includes risk assessments for using raptors for control of pests and has a template method statement specifically designed for this activity.

We’re also preparing a Safety Statement Template for transport of hazardous materials such as scrap and End of Life Vehicles.

5th May 2011

Yes! We finally have the Laser Payment facility available for our Safety Statement Templates. Once you have placed your order for a Safety Statement you will be directed to the payment page. You can now choose to pay with either PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMex or Laser.

27th April 2011

Just a quick update for our Safety Statement Template customers who wish to make Laser payments. We’ve been working hard on this interface with Realex (our preferred payment solution provider) and our testing today has gone very well. If there are no new hiccups we should be live for Laser payments by the 5th of May.

15th April 2011

Well, we just uploaded two new Safety Statement Templates. Both of them were requests from clients via our “New Templates” tab on the left. If you don’t see the Template you need on the list always drop us a line as we can usually sort something out, especially if you are in a hurry.

Today’s new Safety Statement Templates are for a Car Valet business and a Credit Union or Post Office. The Credit Union Template would also suit a small financial services company such as an insurance outlet or a local branch of a building society. It includes all of the usual information as well as a risk assessment for Tiger Kidnappings.

The Car Valet Safety Statement Template includes risk assessments on chemicals, driving customer vehicles, pick up and drop off as well as several other job specific assessments. As usual the PDF preview of these Templates are available as free downloads on the home page.

31st March 2011

Good news this week! Three new Safety Statement Templates are going up today. They are Sound, Lighting and Staging; Chauffeur Services and a Template for Facilities, Buildings and Grounds Maintenance. They all have risk assessments that are tailored to the occupation. As usual all of our Safety

Statement Templates have a Preview version on the home page that allows clients to see between 25-30% of the full document. If your occupation or industry is not in the list, just send us a request from the tab on the left and we’ll see what we can do for you.

20th March 2011

Apologies to all of our Safety Statement Template clients who wish to use Laser. We are still having problems with this payment method. However we can usually process a manual transaction if you contact us during office hours. Our Visa and Mastercard options via PayPal are working fine.

8th March 2011

Things are ticking along here and we’re putting new Safety Statement Templates together as the need arises. This week we’ve published two new Templates. One for a Farrier and one for a Stud Farm both of which have occupation specific risk assessments. As usual there is a preview of both of the Templates on the home page. Remember if the Safety Statement you need is not listed, drop us an email and we’ll look at it for you.

1st March 2011

Well its been a busy few weeks and we’ve fallen behind with our Safety Statement Blog! However we do have several new Safety Statement Templates to upload over the coming days, watch out for Carpets and Flooring, General Practitioner, Fast Food Outlet, Consulting Engineer and others. As usual all of our Templates have a suite of common policies and then a selection of typical risk assessments on hazards and control measures unique to the particular occupation.

30th December 2010

Well, we’re recovering from Christmas and getting ready for the New Year Celebrations. The news for the New Year is that in the middle of January we will be adding the Realex Payment facilities to our existing PayPal facilities.

Realex provide the same great levels of security as PayPal but the added bonus is that users will now be able to use Laser Cards when paying for a Safety Statement Template. Keep your eye on this Blog as we will update it as soon as we go live. If you need to purchase a Safety Statement before Realex goes live and you don’t have access to a credit card, just drop us a line and we can give you details for an electronic payment.

20th December 2010

Hi All,

Just a quick Blog this week to say Happy Christmas to all users of our Safety Statement Template website.

Check back in the new year to find out about our upcoming new payment service for the Safety Statement templates and also to see our new templates for 2011.

7th December 2010

Well, we’re back in the office. Lots of snow here in Wicklow but we’ve managed to clear enough to get beack in action! Over the next few days we will be uploading new Safety Statement Templates for; Transport of Sawn Timber, Static/Mobile Security Guarding and a Fitness Studio. Each of these Templates has all of the normal items such as Fire and First Aid as well as Occupation specific risk assessments. Remember if you need a Safety Statement that is not currently on our list jsut drop us an email.

3rd November 2010

After several requests from our site users we have now added a Safety Statement Template for anybody working in the area of Pest Control. The preview of the Safety Statement can be viewed on our home page once you have Adobe reader. The topics covered in the Safety Statement include; How to wear Personal Protective Equipment and risk assessments on Using Foggers, Urban Rodent Control, Spraying, Pesticides, Vertebrate Pest Control and many other topics.

15th October 2010

Well; over in the UK the much anticipated report on Health and Safety was finally published by Lord Young. There have been mixed reviews with some commentators saying it restores common sense, while others say it only panders to common misconceptions. Only time will tell. While there are no implications for us in Ireland from his review, it is posisble that our own Government could take on board some of the points he raised as we often follow the UK lead. For anybody who wishes to read the report a summary and some official comment can be found at .

28th September 2010

We had a request this week from a Landscape Gardener to add a risk assessment on Minor Tree Felling to our Landscape Gardening Safety Statement Template. We have now done that and the Landscape Gardening Safety Statement Template has 31 job specific Risk Assessments in it.

21st September 2010

Based on several new requests we have now added a new Safety Statement Template for the design and installation of signs. The new Template includes risk assessments such as Guillotines, Printing Process, Inks, Working at Height, Ladders, Power tools and all of the standard items such as Fire, First Aid, Bullying, etc. As with most of our trades-type Templates it also includes a Template Method Statement.

14th September 2010

Hi Again. Just a few short notes this week. For those of you in the transport business we have revised and improved some of our Safety Statement Templates. The Safety Statement for “Haulage Sand Gravel” now includes a risk assessment on Concrete Deliveries and Concrete Pumping. This makes the Safety Statement ideal for any company that specialises in working or hauling in the construction sector.

For those who work in more general haulage, our Transport of Goods Safety Statement Template now includes a risk assessment on Dangerous or Hazardous goods. However it does allow that your DGSA will provide the specifics relating to the actual goods being carried.

As with all of our Safety Statements the previews are available on the homepage and we welcome suggestions or comments.

1st September 2010

Hi All! Thanks for taking the time to look over our site. This week we decided to provide a little more information about Safety Statements and Safety Statement Templates. If you’re reading this then you either already have a Safety Statement or you need one.

The most important thing about your Safety Statement is that it reflects the activities of the business and the hazards in the business as closely as possible. This is where the Safety Statement Template comes in. We all know that a Restaurant will have hazards relating to knives and that a Dry Cleaners will have hazards relating to cleaning chemicals. However both businesses will have similar hazards when it comes to taking cash from customers or the Bullying of staff.

This is where our Template comes in. We have looked at a variety of businesses and devised a Template that recognises the differences and the common items within businesses.

All you need to do is download a Safety Statement Template, make the edits to match your business, approve the suggested control measures in the Risk Assessments and then save it. Once that’s done its your Safety Statement and its ready to be given to any interested party.

25th August 2010

Welcome to our first Blog. From time to time we will be posting information here about our Safety Statements and about the Company.

What’s the news this week?

Well we’ve uploaded some new Safety Statement Templates. They include an Adventure Centre Safety Statement that has risk assessments on Air Rifles, Archery, Paint Ball, Hill Walking and Rope Courses. There is also a new Butcher Safety Statement that has risk assessments on Knives, Meat Slicers, Mincers, Band Saws and even insectocutors! We’ll have more next week so don’t forget to check back or to drop us an email if you need something in particular.

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