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So, why do you need a Safety Statement?
Well, firstly the law says you must have it. The specific legislation is the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act from 2005. However, as safety at work is very important to all employers, you are likely to be asked for a copy of your Safety Statement by your Insurance Company, Clients, Landlords, Employee Representatives and Others.
Is it legal to use a Safety Statement Template?
The simple answer is YES. The law requires an employer to have a Safety Statement and that the hazards relevant to the business are addressed within that Safety Statement. Our Safety Statement Templates are tools designed to help you comply with the law. Once downloaded they still need to be edited to match your activities and the control measures in the suggested Risk Assessments have to be approved by you. However as we have tailored the Safety Statement Templates to specific occupations we have addressed typical hazards within the occupation.
Well, who needs to have a Safety Statement?
Basically every Employer and Self Employed person needs a Safety Statement.
What should my Safety Statement contain?
The Safety Statement is really a book of Safety Rules for your company. The most important thing about your Safety Statement is that you are happy that the hazard control measures set out in the Safety Statement actually reflect the actual work being undertaken. Usually your Safety Statement will begin with a Declaration on adhering to high standards of safety in the company and complying with the law. It will then go on to set out the specific duties of Directors, Managers and Employees with regard to Safety Controls. There will also be a list of risk assessments with control measures set out for managing the risk. It is also normal for there to be policies on Bullying, Stress, Night and/or Shift Workers, Pregnancy and other issues unique to the workplace concerned within the Safety Statement. At the back of the Safety Statement it is quite common to find an appendix of important forms such as Accident Reports, Hazard Reports, Workplace Inspections, etc.
How can help me?
We have been writing Safety Statements for clients in all types of industry since 1993. While we have consultants that travel the country working with clients, we have also produced a Safety Statement product for small and medium enterprises that simply cannot afford consultancy fees. All of our Safety Statement Templates are provided in Microsoft Word 2003-7 and can be fully edited. The instructions on how to make edits and customise the Safety Statement can actually be downloaded HERE before any purchase is made. This will give you a sample of the detail and content of the Safety Statement. In order to receive a Template Safety Statement for your business, simply pick your industry or business type from the list on our home page. You can then order your Safety Statement and make a payment via PayPal. As soon as the payment clears you are directed to a download page where your chosen Safety Statement Template is available for immediate download.
How can I be sure that my customised Template Safety Statement will be accepted by Clients, etc?
As we mentioned above, the most important thing about any Safety Statement is that it reflects the actual activities of the company concerned. As you will see from the list on our home page, we have put a lot of time into creating Safety Statements that reflect particular industries or occupations. All you need do is to spend a further 30-60 minutes customising the Statement as per our instructions. We would highly recommend that this is done in conjunction with at least one employee. Once you are happy that it matches your activities it will be accepted by those concerned. We also give a further guarantee that if an Enforcement Officer gives any of our clients an improvement notice relating to the content of the Safety Statement, within 1 year of purchase, we will make the amendments free of charge.
What does the Safety Statement Template contain?
In addition to the usual Health and Safety items such as Accident Report Forms, Inspection Sheets, Template Method Statements, etc. our Safety Statement also includes related items such as basic Environmental policy, Bullying policy, Equality policy and others. Click HERE to order your Safety Statement Template


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