Hope you like the new and improved website look 🙂 For those of you who are interested in our blog, don’t worry, all out old blog posts are still available below.   2nd January 2014 Happy New Year to all of our Template Safety Statement Website readers and users. We’re ploughing ahead with the annual […]

New Abrasive Wheel Regulations and your Safety Statement

On the 1st of July the new General Application Regulations 2016 came into force. One of the things covered by this new legislation is Abrasive Wheels. While it has been the Law for several years now that employees must be trained in the correct use of an abrasive wheel, the main new duty for employers is […]

Our Latest Safety Statement Template for Sprinkler Installers!

Hi everyone, just uploaded today is our latest addition, the Sprinkler Installation Safety Statement Template. As with many of our templates, this was developed by special request from a client. It has a lot of the standard information such as First Aid, Bullying, Fire Safety, Manual Handling and so but it also has specific risk […]

New Secondary School Safety Statement Template

Just uploaded to the site today is a Safety Statement Template suitable for the majority of Secondary Schools. This is a very comprehensive document that contains policies on Accident Reporting, Childhood illnesses, Medicines Administration, Bullying of Staff, EAP and many more school specific topics. There are also risk assessments on Caretaker activities, Art, Science, PE, […]

Woodcarving and Health Food!

Well, it seems the good weather must have the inspectors out in the fresh air! Just this week we got requests for new Safety Statement Templates for Wood Carving and Health Food Shops. Not from the same client I hasten to add. The inspectors called to a Health Food and Eco Store and as well […]

Smoothies, Vending Machines and Broadband!

Wow! its been a busy couple of weeks here with the Safety Statement Templates. We’ve had a few requests for new Safety Statements and some requests for additions to existing templates. Well for anybody out there who is thinking of opening a Smoothie Bar then check out the Preview for our new template here Smoothie […]

Plasterwork and Motorbikes!

Hi All, Well the title may seem confusing but it’s not on purpose. We put two new Safety Statement Templates up on the site this week. One is for anybody running an Initial Basic Training Centre for Motorbikes or IBT as the RSA refer to it. You can click on a Preview version of the […]

Whiskey and Beer!

OK, bit of an obtuse title for this one but maybe it caught your attention? Many of you may have noticed how popular Craft Beers are at the moment and also that small distilleries are also on the rise. At we are never ones to be left behind, so we’ve added two new templates […]

New Template for PVC Soffits, Fascias and Gutters

Hi All, Busy week again in the office. We’ve just uploaded a new template Safety Statement for fitting Gutters, Soffits and Fascias. This new template also covers some basic Roof Work. The roof work section alludes to the Code of Practice for Roofwork as published by the HSA. The code itself can be downloaded from […]