New Year, New Cars!

Hi All and Happy New Year!

No we’re not giving away free cars with our Safety Statement Templates but we do have 2 new car related Templates up on the website today. One of the new Safety Statement Templates is for anyone running a Car Hire business and the other one is for a Car Valet Business.

There are a lot of similarities between them as even in the Car Hire Business there is still a need to clean and valet cars once they come off hire and before they go back out. Some of the topics covered are Accident Reporting, Bullying, Cash Handling, Abusive Customers/Behavior, Chemicals, Ladders and much more. These documents are essential for any company who want to show employees and customers that they are complying with best practice and the Law. It is also quite common now for large corporate clients and insurance companies to ask to see Safety Statements so they know their own interests are protected.

Previews of both Safety Statement Templates are shown below.

Click here to Preview the Car or Vehicle Valet – Safety Statement

Click here to Preview the Car or Vehicle Hire – Safety Statement