Light Engineering

Hi All, Just a short update this week. We’ve recently had a few inquires about compiling a Template Safety Statement for a Light Engineering Company. When these inquiries came in we were actually quite surprised that we hadn’t thought of that one ourselves! However we’ve now pulled it together and its on the Website for […]

Safe Deal

Hi All, Well we’re back from the holidays and busy updating the site with new Safety Statement Templates. On a related note, we recently discovered these great Playing Cards from the Health and Safety Laboratory called “Safe Deal”. They’re standard playing cards but with a Health and Safety Question and Answer one each one. Great […]


Hope you like the new and improved website look 🙂 For those of you who are interested in our blog, don’t worry, all out old blog posts are still available below.   2nd January 2014 Happy New Year to all of our Template Safety Statement Website readers and users. We’re ploughing ahead with the annual […]